Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Feeling Like Strawberry Shortcake...

Hi everyone...I swear I've never worn this much pink before. I finally found my pink polka dot pants that accidentally got packed away with the winter clothing. I really wanted to wear them before fall set in. I love pink because it just screams "girly" and I'm very girly ;) I dropped my son off at daycare this morning and one of his classmates was wearing pink polka dots too and I thought, if I had a daughter we would have matching wardrobes....BUT God gave me a son because he knew I would go broke!

Enjoy the rest of the week loves and hope you like the pictures.



  1. This outfit is awesome!!! A perfect dose of Pink not too much or less JUST PERFECT - I am inlove :)


  2. cute pants! love the dots and the pink!

  3. Got dayum! U look HOT HOT in those pants!! Ur thighs are gorgeous!! x x x


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