Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tribal Print Skirt & Blue Suede Shoes...

Hello everyone!! I'm not loving that it gets dark so early during the fall season. I feel like I get off work pickup my son and it's pitch black outside. I usually go for walks after work but I'm going to have to struggle with getting up early in the morning instead. I'm not a morning person so this should be interesting. I love this electric blue trend for the fall. I found these suede pumps at Marshall's for $40 and I LOVE them. The suede is so soft and I like that the heel is not to high. I'm sure you will be seeing more posts with these pretty pumps time and time again ;)

I found the bag (Betsy Johnson) at Marshall's as well, I really like that I can find affordable trends by popular designers for less at this retailer...I think I would make a great spokesperson. I hope you all enjoy what's left of the week... kiss, kiss beauties ;-)



  1. Dangggg... U know u look GOOD in that skirt! and ur eyes look gorgeous too! So sexy! Id love to go for a walk wit u! x x x ;)

  2. You look good gurl!

  3. We all miss your posts! Hope ur ok. Get back to blogging soon! X x


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