Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Chic: Ripped Blue Jeans & Peplum Leopard Top...

Hi loves! I've been in total chill mode lately, spending lots of time to myself and honestly loving every minute of it. When your always on the go, it's such an amazing feel to slow down and truly appreciate all the things around us that we are blessed to have. It's eye opening to see how much we don't realize how good we really have it. Thanksgiving Day is quickly approaching and I'm already thanking GOD for all that he's given me....XOXO...Enjoy the week! 



  1. Girl, loving this look from head to toe! So cute and chic! And that animal print peplum is amazing!!!

  2. Beautiful! The new background is really interesting too!

  3. Where you been, lady? I need a new post!


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